Terms & Conditions

  • The Principal reserves the right to exclude a pupil from class for inappropriate / bad behaviour.
  • Attendance at class is important  – all dancers must attend all of their lessons to acquire knowledge of steps & technique and to develop as a dancer.  Poor attendance at classes will not be accepted.  Pupils are expected to arrive on time and be ready for their lessons.
  • All rehearsals/extra lessons for performances must be attended in order for participation to be permitted.
  • No responsibility is accepted by the Street Dance School Ltd for any items lost or damaged at the centre, whether it be in class or in the changing room area.
  • In the event that classes are cancelled due to bad weather conditions –  please note that it will not be possible to reschedule classes to an alternative date.
  • Parents/guardians must complete the required registration forms, in order for their son / daughter to attend classes.
  • Parents/Guardians must provide emergency contact numbers.
  • Parents must collect their son/daughter on time.  The Principal  / teacher is not able to provide supervision nor accept responsibility for any pupil outside of the lesson time.
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for children before and after classes.
  • The correct dance uniforms are to be worn to classes – Please see ‘Uniform’ page for further information.
  • All girls MUST have their hair tied back in a high ponytail for dance & cheer classes . Hair must be in a bun for Ballet classes.
  • Some physical contact with students may be required by the dance teacher (s) to ensure correct dance technique is achieved.
  • All members of Street Dance School Ltd teaching staff are qualified have been fully police checked.
  • Parking IS NOT PERMITTED at the St Helier Methodist Centre premises.  Parking is available in Minden Place car park and at the designated areas among the surrounding roads.
  • From time to time photographs of Emma Jane Dance / Street Dance School Ltd & Jersey Rockettes Cheerleading Squad students will be published on the Emma Jane Dance website, local publicity features and brochures. Parents/Guardians are to advise the Principal, in writing, if you wish for your child to be excluded from any photos.
  • Dancers will be chosen for examinations at the discretion of the teacher(s).
    Half a term of written notice is required should you wish to cancel a class.  If a half a term of notice has not been provided, half a term of fees will be charged. (£50).  This is required in the first week back, after the half term break.
  • If cancellation of half a term or a full term occurs after the closing date for the next termly fees, a full term of fees will be charged. (cost as per invoice per genre).  Written cancellation is required for all classes.  No exceptions will be made.
  • Please note NO refunds will be given on any classes cancelled at the end / start of a new term.
  • Fees: All fees must be paid on time.  The Principal has the right to exclude pupils from class, if fees have not been paid.  Payments may be made by cash & electronic transfer (details are available upon request).  Late payments will incur a 10% surcharge.


Attendance at the classes at the Emma Jane Dance Academy confirms that you adhere to our term and conditions. By completing and signing the registration forms, this also confirms your acceptance of the aforementioned terms.

If you should have any queries please contact me or phone on 07797 84 28 21 and I will do my very best to assist you.